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What makes the Ade Parker Photography experience so special?

A longhaired Weimaraner bitch shot on location in Canvey Island, Essex

We understand that getting in touch with a photographer to capture your loved ones can be a little daunting.  This is completely natural and we try to break the ice over the phone in the first instance.  Following the completion of the form below, we can get in touch to discuss what it is that you would like to achieve.

Once we have agreed upon and booked in a mutually convenient date, we arrange to visit you in your home or on a favourite walk.  
In your home, I can create a studio environment, which gives the stars of the show the opportunity to get used to me and to 'help' where they can. This means that by the time we are ready to go, the set up should not feel so strange and we can look to creating wonderful images for you to treasure forever.  

A blind and disabled rescue Great Dan  dog along with two chocolte labradors, shot in Essex
Moiritic Shepherd cross Romanan Shepherd bitch puppy, rescued from Romania and pictured in a park in Southnd-on-Sea, Essex

If we shoot outside, we may need to allow some time for the models to burn off steam, get to realise that I'm a nice guy (with sausages) and get used to their surroundings.  Naturally, you know your charges better than I could so if it is likely that they will expect an hour of zoomies before paying any attention to you, we need to factor that in.

The shoot itself will have their safety and best interests being the most important factor.  No stressed dog or owner ever resulted in an appealing image.

Once the shoot is complete, then it is time to return to the studio and finesse the images down to a selection of generally around a dozen images.  This is carried out in conjunction with Paula, who has many years' creative and photographic experience and who is responsible for the creating of the final artwork from the raw images.

We then arrange to meet with you to discuss which images work best for you in your home and move to ordering your artwork.

A rare Clumber Spaniel dog, from a portrait sssion in Benfleet, Essex
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